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The approach utilised is rooted in the psychodynamic framework. This indicates that our sessions will delve into your unconscious mind, early relationships, and personal development. The aim is to facilitate an understanding of your present emotions, behaviours, decisions, and patterns. Those who find this approach beneficial often perceive their issues as intricate and deeply ingrained. Clients also report that engaging in psychodynamic work enhances their capacity for reflection and heightens their awareness in daily life. Psychodynamic therapy has been endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence as beneficial for individuals grappling with depression, self-harm, and social anxiety.

Where appropriate Clarity Therapy also draws from EMDR protocols, Kundalini, breathwork, mindfulness, and sound can also be integrated in your therapy.

Sessions are conducted with strict confidentiality, adhering to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's Code of Ethics. Typically, individual therapy sessions occur once or twice a week for 50 minutes. Sessions may be structured with a predetermined endpoint or left open-ended, depending on your therapeutic goals and availability.

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