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The work is grounded in the psychodynamic frame. This means our sessions will focus on your unconscious, early relationships, and development. This is to help with understanding your current moods, behaviour, decisions and patterns. People that find this model helpful usually feel their problems are complex and deep-rooted. My clients also express that working psychodynamically has taught them to be much more reflective and have a greater sense of awareness in their everyday lives. Working psychodynamically has been laid out by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence to be helpful for those who suffer from depression, self-harm and social anxiety.


Sessions are confidential as we are bound by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's Code of Ethics. Individual therapy usually consists of meeting once weekly for 50mins. Sessions can be focused on an agreed end, or open-ended. This agreement is based on what it is you hope to achieve in therapy and your availability. 

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