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Feeling more calm, relaxed and less stressed. A study in 2017 in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine concluded that Tibetan singing bowls can reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression and increase overall spiritual wellbeing.  

Mental Lightness. A study found that listening to singing bowls lessened anxiety, depression, and fatigue, and improved heart rate and blood pressure

Ability to process in a manner that feels safe and through a deeper state of consciousness. Sometimes it can be too painful to process experiences and memories through words. Sound Baths allow us to continue that process and release our tensions without words.

Mood Improvement. Feel more zen and content. More able and more resilient. This is often seen as a by-product of removing tension and anxiety from our bodies.

A moment to recharge, improve sleep and target insomnia. Through sound therapy we can create can alpha, theta, and delta brain waves to take us into a deep sleep where our senses wind down and cut us off from the outside world.

Mind, Body Connectedness and Self Awareness. Each bowl corresponds with a different region in your body. The way you may respond to certain sounds and vibrations can tell us a lot about you.

Seven Bowl Sound Meditation

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