Love is Love

Having never been to therapy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found George was warm, friendly and easy to talk to.  He is patient and understanding but direct in his approach.


George's  broad knowledge, has enabled me to build a toolbox of strategies to help me better understand myself.  I’ve found it really interesting looking at the meaning and impact of dreams and using meditation exercises to find calm and connection – if that is not for you don’t worry he is also an impressive psychodynamic therapist.

Zoom Twice Weekly Therapy

I was curious about therapy when I first started, also a little hesitant as I wasn't sure if I needed it... following my first  session with George, I felt really good about myself in a way that's hard to describe. Like I had just taken a weight off. I started weekly sessions and it seemed the more George learned about me the greater his insights into my behavior and thinking became. 


I felt like I had known a lot about myself before I started, but looking back I kind of didn't. 

My confidence increased and my self perception became clearer. 


I look forward to these sessions in a similar way to the way I look forward to going to the gym, and I feel like people disregard the importance of the maintenance of your mental health the way they maintain their body image in this day and age. I would recommend this to everyone.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Skype Client

I've been thinking of therapy for some time now. I had experienced many things growing up that I felt had never quite left me. These things made me constantly anxious in my daily routine.


I felt there was a need to explore these things, but I was worried about costs. I work part time, and my finances are limited. 


Approaching George and working out an agreement was very straight forward. He was understanding of my situation and was able to meet my needs. George was able to offer me sessions via online chat that I found supremely supportive. We have been able to explore some of my traumas and continue to work through them.


Online IM Sessions Client

I found our sessions extremely helpful. I have been struggling for such a long time with a huge lack of listening with people in my life.


I had the opportunity to open freely about my problems and concerns without any fear our restrictions to a professional and it made me feel valued as a person.


Listening to people is very important and it's also important to be open to opinions and engage in constructive discussions.


It made me feel more confident and able to take the a positive attitude in my life and appreciate myself for a change.


Employment Assistance Counselling Client


I got to know George as a very compassionate therapist. His calm, grounding energy always helped me to slow down, and bring the focus back to myself. In my online sessions he guided me to do meditation exercises which helped me to stay present.

I had contacted him this summer after a long break of therapy, and I was so appreciative to him for welcoming me back. He helped me to address past trauma events, and how to deal with them in the present moment. The weekly sessions helped me to feel more stable, and reminded me of my own strength as well as the progress I had already made.


Thank you George. 

Zoom Trauma Therapy and Guided Meditation